Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How Can I Help My Child this Summer?

As a teacher, I get asked this question on a very regular basis!  I am also a mom who knows that summer is a much more relaxed time of year.  Bedtimes and routines might sail right out the window!   Although the normal school routine and schedule might have changed, there are still some things that can be incorporated daily!


The #1 thing you can do this summer is READ!  Read under a tree, read in a tent, read to a sibling, read a chapter book as a family, read maps, read signs, read, read, READ!  

Parents many time require minutes a day during the year but don't in the summer. Kids many times have MORE time to read for fun in the summer though!  

Visit your library and sign up for the summer reading program!  They have great incentives and fun reading for that. 


Math is the next area I get asked about.  You don't have to go to the store and purchase workbooks (please don't).  Practice telling time with what your activities are.  Look for patterns in what you are doing.  Spending money on vacation?  Have the kids help count the change.    Practice math favts while driving in the car, or throwing the baseball around.   Those little snipbits of 5-10 minutes of getting math in are the best ways to do it!

Other Ideas

Summer just lends itself to science explorations.  Catch things - observe them- write about them! 
There are so many great nature centers and parks to open your child's world to a wealth of information.   

Keep a journal and practice just writing anything this summer!  One area that is not practiced a ton in any house is writing, and yet the skill is so valuable. 

Most of all PLAY, INTERACT, and EXPLORE with your child!  A child learns best while observing the world around them so embrace it! 

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