Monday, September 11, 2017

Star Jar

Today we launched our Star Jar! Anytime we get a class compliment, we get a star to add to our jar. I made the jar on my Cricut with vinyl and cut stars out of cardstock, laminated them and put magnets on the back. It sits in the corner of the whiteboard.

I wanted to do something like this for awhile because some kids think they have different expectations when they leave our room. So this way, we are celebrating when the standards stay the same.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ready, Set, YEAR 12 is here!

Welcome back to school to all my teacher friends! It's hard to believe another summer has come and gone and we have another year in front of us!

I am vowing to put myself first this year which sounds a little funny because as moms and teachers, we typically put ourselves last. But you can't pour from an empty cup and I'm finally listening to that advice.

So this year, here are my resolutions for the school year!  New year (just school, not calendar) = New resolutions!

1. Walk more. Even after being on my feet all day.
2. Drink more.  Not alcohol, but water!
3.  Sleep more - we'll see if this one actually happens!
4.  Get more time for my hobbies - playing on my cricut, cooking, making TPT items, whatever it might be.
5. Read for pleasure (not just the UoS for school!)

Do you have any new school year resolutions???

Saturday, September 17, 2016

When You're Cheap Like Me...

One of my all-time FAVORITE things to do this time of year is to see pictures of other classrooms!  There are so many awesome teachers I follow on blogs or on Instagram who share AMAZING rooms.  I want to be in them!

When scouring these pictures, I'm always looking for cheap ways to do practical things.  We all know we don't have an endless budget.  This year I needed storage for my iPad minis - and they have a large enough case on them.

I know some people use dish racks and some people use drawers (I have drawers for my Chromebooks) but I wanted something else.  While walking around the Dollar Tree the other night, I grabbed some napkin holders.   A $3 board and a handy husband and VOILA!

I do know my husband used screws with a washers and did something while drilling so it didn't crack the plastic.   This has room to add more and I know, for sure, it will fit my bigger cases (unlike the charging docks I've seen online)  

Back to School - Here We Go!

Welcome Back to School from Titletown!

What a wonderful blur it has been.  I really, really, really like my class this year!  I'm so spoiled every year with awesome kids!

As you all know, the back to school blur means falling asleep at 7:30, working through lunch, adjusting to standing again all day and in our case, back to the grind with the kids.

I am making it my goal this year to BLOG on a regular basis. I find SO much value in what others share on theirs, that if even a few people can find value in my rambling and sharing, then it's worth it!

So! Welcome Back!