Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Time for the BIG Back to School Sale!

Get your wishlists ready!  It's time for the annual TPT Back to School Sale!  Sale runs August 3 & 4 so get all the essentials for your classroom needs!

Here We Go!

I started selling on TPT 3 years ago on a random whim while shopping on the site. I only made a few things and it's amazing how much fun I had doing it.
I was blessed that a few things sold really well and the extra income has really helped our family have "fun" money. It's amazing that an item I made (out of school hours of course) for my classroom is now used around the country and makes me extra money every month! For only being uploaded once to my store by me!
Well, two young children later.... I didn't have enough time to teach, manage the house and enjoy watching them grow to make my products up to my standards for TPT.
Now that my kids are getting a bit older, and naptimes are starting to overlap, I'm ready to start making more, sharing more, and helping others do the same.
If you are interested in starting to sell as well, please email me. I'd be happy to help you get started.