Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Happy Summer!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer vacation.  Our first week was spent with a little mini vacation to Madison.  We enjoyed the zoo, beach, terrace and just time as our little family.

I've also spent a lot of time just enjoying the little things at home - hanging clothes on the line, mowing the grass, building sandcastles in the sandbox and catching bugs on walks!  These moments I miss so dearly during the year.

Professionally, I haven't thought about next year yet.  I have spent A LOT of time with my Usborne book business. They announced DisneyWorld as the next trip to earn, so I have my sites set on that. The stakes are super high, so we'll see!

I also have a plan in place to blog on a consistent basis next school year as well as make, update, and enjoy making more TPT items as well.

As it stands, this will be my schedule for blogging next fall. I'm posting it now to stay accountable:

Must Have Monday ( a variety of tips for things you have to have in your classroom)
Tech on Tuesday (apps, projects, websites, failures, you name it)
Writing Wednesday (I love literacy and specifically teaching writing, which I didn't enjoy doing as a kid ironically! This day will showcase tips, mentor texts, projects and more)
Touchdown Thursdays (I am in Titletown anymore! These are touchdown moments that happened in our room that week)

Fridays and the weekends will be dependent!  Enjoy!

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