Sunday, August 23, 2015


Teacher friends:
I got the ok to try this for my classroom this year. So far I have I already have $7 from my own purchases. 
Through Ziggedy, your classroom parents, friends, and family, can support your class through their online shopping at thousands of popular retailers. There is absolutely NO COST to you or your supporters.
I also am an ebates user. The other day when I shopped at Kohl's I was able to use both. I went to ebates first, clicked on Kohl's. Then because I had installed the Ziggedy reminder on Chrome browser (Free, gets my class $5 and lets you know if a site has a donation) I was able to click on that too! For my small purchase at Kohl's, I made over $3 on ebates and over $2 for my classroom! Double win!
Like I said, I would highly recommend putting the remind install on your browser. It's not up all the time, but if a site has a donation attached, it pops up in the top and lets you know so you don't miss one!

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