Sunday, August 16, 2015


 Let me tell you about a hidden gem of a resource.  Something that I use every year and the kids love!  Something that any kid who was taught in WI in the 80's and 90's probably saw!


Produced by the Educational Communications Board (ECB) and UW-Stout in the 80's, Storylords has a hero Norbert who works to fight against the bad guy Thorzuul.  He needs to use the skills he learned in his class as well as help from his sister.

Reading strategies covered include:
Activating Prior Knowledge Before Reading
Connecting What You Know With What's On The Page
Knowing When You Don't Know (In Your Head)
Knowing When You Don't Know (On The Page)
Directed Reading-Thinking Activity
Question-Answer Relationships
Decoding Words in Context
Inferring Word Meaning in Context
Story Mapping
Pronoun Anaphora
Identifying Main Idea and Details
Integrating Comprehension Strategies

These quick 15 minute videos are the perfect addition to your reading comprehension skills lessons.  And because they are from the 80's, plenty of laughs are sure to come too!

I included links to the videos as well as FREE posters in my TPT store.

VIDEOS: Click Here

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